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“Ian Matthias Bavitz better known by his stage name Aesop Rock is an American hip-hop artist and producer. He was at the forefront of the new wave of underground and alternative hip hop acts that emerged during the late 1990s and early 2000s. He is signed to El-P’s Definitive Jux label and is a current member of The Weathermen. Regarding his name, he said: “I acquired the name Aesop from a movie I had acted in with some friends. It was my character’s name and it sort of stuck. The rock part came later just from throwing it in rhymes.”

Born in Northport, Long Island, New York, Aesop initially recorded and released two self-financed efforts, Music for Earthworms (1997), a full length featuring underground legend Percee P on two tracks, and the Appleseed EP (1999), online at while also working as a waiter. These two independent releases are widely sought after in the underground scene.

After moving to the Mush label, Aesop released his first major album, Float (2000), with guest appearances from Vast Aire, Slug, and Dose One. Production was split between Blockhead and Aesop himself, with one track by Omega One. Shortly after releasing Float Aesop Rock signed to Manhattan-based label Definitive Jux (commonly shortened to Def Jux), where he released Labor Days (2001), an album dedicated to the discussion of labor in American society and the concept of “wage slaves”. This album was most well known for its single “Daylight.” Because of its popularity, Daylight was re-released in 2002 as a 7-track EP, including an “alternative” new version of the song, “Night Light,” whose paraphrased lyrics simultaneously refer back to, and stand in stark opposition to, the original’s. The song “Labor” (from Labor Days) was featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4, giving Aesop Rock more recognition.

Aesop Rock was commissioned to create a 45-minute instrumental track for the Nike+iPod running system, entitled All Day. It was released in February 2007. Distributed via the iTunes Music Store and featuring his wife Allyson Baker on guitar and scratches from DJ Big Wiz, Aesop has described the release as “something that evolved enough that the sound was constantly fresh and attractive, as though the runner were moving through a set of differing cities or landscapes.”

‘All Day’ was followed in August of the same year by Bavitz’s fifth full-length album, None Shall Pass (2007). The album also contained original artwork by Jeremy Fish. About Jeremy Fish, Aesop Rock said: “Man that guy is my hero. We have a friend in common who hit me up a while back saying that this guy Jeremy Fish had an opportunity to pitch a cartoon to Disney and wanted me to be involved in the music side. I flipped out cuz I was also a fan of his, and owned some of his work.” Aesop Rock also teamed up with Jeremy Fish again in a project called Ghosts of the Barbary Coast. Aesop Rock made a song called Tomorrow Morning, to go along with a slideshow of drawings that Jeremy Fish drew. This was displayed in San Francisco, but was also made available for download online.

In 2009, Aesop Rock produced Felt’s third album; Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez. Aesop recently announced via twitter that he is working on his next studio album, due to be released in 2010.”
-Wikipedia Online



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“Rhymesayers Entertainment is an independent hip hop record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was co-founded in 1995 by Sean Daley, Anthony Davis, Brent Sayers, Musab S’ad Ali and Derek Turner. The label is mainly composed of native Minnesotans as well as nationally recognized artists including Soul Position and MF Doom, who has released one disc (MM..Food?) for the label.

Rhymesayers is the largest hip-hop label in Minnesota and has a friendly relationship with the Doomtree crew as well. P.O.S of Doomtree is signed as a solo artist to Rhymesayers. In 1999, the label opened its own record store called Fifth Element, located in Uptown, Minneapolis. The store is a staple of hip hop in the Twin Cities, selling independent and commercial hip hop, but also specializing in local music.

On the 9th of March, 2007, Rhymesayers Entertainment signed a promotion, marketing and distribution deal with Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group. Releases for 2007 included EP’s from Atmosphere and full length highly acclaimed albums from Brother Ali and Mac Lethal.

To celebrate the launch of Fifth Element’s turn to start selling digital music, Atmosphere gave their new EP, Leak At Will, away for free on the store’s site. On July 17, 2009 it was announced that Evidence of Dilated Peoples signed a deal with Rhymesayers Entertainment with a YouTube video showing Evidence signing the contract to release his new album Cats & Dogs due later this year.”
-Wikipedia Online


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Some people say “he isn’t smart enough to make something like this,” while others say “it’s the best hidden message in a reversed song ever made,” but all we know for sure is many people believe the song ‘I Feel Like Dying’ written and rapped by Lil Wayne when reversed has a hidden message behind it. See for yourself in the video below…I have the lyrics for what is ‘supposedly being said’ written below the video. I found it easier to understand when reading the lyrics while listening to it.

Chorus: “Under da ground beneath ya” “Without trousers are we nude?”

“sitting as I’m sippin
swore I saw ya
but no more
took ya down
under da ground beneath ya
remember what I just say
nigga asked where da money
NIGGA forgot what I f**kin SAID?
its under da ground “beneath ya”
next day, relatives call sayin “wheres da kid”
I simply said “nigga hes..”
under da ground beneath ya
I ate the brain of da coward
as I raped all his daughterz
screamin “STOP!”
but with 1 shot
“under da ground beneath ya”
try killing me?
“under da ground beneath ya”
Think I’m f**kin playin nig?
under da ground beneath ya”
“Without Trousers are we nude?”
as I climbed over da wallz
POlice said he was gone
once said he was ballin
but how you f**kin ballin
when ya ass is straight fallin
shut the f**k up
“under da ground beneath ya”

“her name was snitch bitch”
raped the bitch as I ate her tits.”
killed her with a blow by my….fist”
Chorus: “under da ground beneath ya”

As you can see it is hard to understand, but it is there. I found the song phenomenal and out of this world, no pun intended. For those of you who don’t listen to Lil Wayne as much, he often refers to himself as a Martian in his songs. Some people believe, that the rewinded song is talking about murding a girl. There are definalty words that are clearly heard, but the whole line is not. Listen closely and you can hear him rapping. Yes most parts are hard to make out. It takes a few times, then some parts of it become clear. After listening, what he is saying is that there are two paths: a stairway to heaven and one to hell. It is referring to a girl committing suicide, and saying if you make the right decision and live life to the fullest you get the stairway to heaven. The song is deep and almost in a sense scary, but overall I like what Lil Wayne has created here, and it makes me wonder how many songs have hidden secrets.

Mac Lethal

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“Mac Lethal (born David McCleary Sheldon) is an American rapper and hip hop producer from the metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri. He is a co-founder of Black Clover Records.

As an underground rapper, he has worked along side the best to get to where he is today. In 2006, Mac Lethal founded Black Clover Records with longtime friend Jeremy Willis. Mac Lethal hosts Black Clover Radio Hour on the Kansas City alternative station 96.5 The Buzz. It has aired every Sunday night since the end of 2005.

Following the release of Men Are From Mars, Porn Stars Are From Earth, Mac Lethal put out another mixtape titled the Love Potion Collection. Included were two versions of “Pass the Ammo,” an anti-war screed. After signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment in 2004, Mac Lethal turned in what he thought was to be his debut album for that record label. Following the death of his mother, he took a new approach to making music.

He scrapped that version of 11:11, releasing some tracks as the Love Potion Collection Volume 2, and set to re-recording. In 2006, he released a third album in his Love Potion series, written while on tour in Canada with P.O.S. Love Potion Collection 4 contains songs that did not make it on the final Rhymesayers released 11:11. His music is original, and it has spunk and a sense of wittiness that really catches you off guard.”
-Wikipedia Online

Wondering Where to be on Friday Night? SUITE 101 is Where it Goes Down!

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The first thing you’ll notice upon entering this trendy Austin Night Club is the VIP booths scattered all around the dance floor for a prime view of the whole club. Baby blue velvet walls line the club, along with a huge Mural, and the DJ’s spin house and hip-hop mixes while visitors dance the night away. The trendy décor, even trendier guests, and unbeatable cocktails are what make Suite one of the best clubs in Austin.

It has two bars which make it easy and convenient. The side bar which is built into the side of the night club and the main bar which is the full length of the club make it easy to get a drink without all of the hassles of being pushed around, getting claustrophobic, or having to wait years to get your drink. Bottle service is also quick and resourceful, with cocktail waitresses that will wait on you throughout the night. The club also provides a drink list of some of their own original shots and drinks that are delicious.

It is on west 5th street so you don’t have to deal with underage kids like you would on dirty 6th, and even though the drinks are a little pricey the bartenders aren’t anything like the ones you’d see in a typical club. They are all jaw dropping hot chicks who not only know what they are doing and give you top notch drinks, but they get them to you fast and with a smile. They are super nice, beautiful ladies who can make any drink you can throw at them. I give Suite 101 a thumbs up on its originality and classy aura. To learn more about suite 101 click here!

Critique of “Closing Weekend at A-basin”

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The Latino Comedy Project (LCP)

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The Latino Comedy Project (LCP) is an Emmy-nominated multimedia sketch comedy troupe whose unique brand of fast-paced multicultural satire strikes a chord with both Latino and mainstream audiences alike.

Of the LCP’s debut performance, “The Austin Chronicle” wrote: “The Latino Comedy Project is funny, hysterical enough that you leave the performance with a gut aching from deep belly laughs…Snappy writing, immaculate timing, and an animated cast. It’s almost enough to restore your faith in the concept of sketch comedy.”

“The Austin-American Statesman” writes: “At times witty and clever, at times absurd and slapstick, the LCP produces an original mix of ribald and intelligent comedy. With perfect timing, sharp writing, and a whopping dose of animated goofiness, the LCP proves that bitingly original sketch comedy is alive and well and Latin!”

“The San Francisco Chronicle” called the LCP “hilarious” and “murderously funny.”